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Chris Tobe, CFA, CAIA has been a nationally known expert in Stable Value & 401(k) investment issues for over 20 years, with institutional investment experience of over 25 years founded Stable Value Consultants in 2009.  SVC does project work for public and ERISA plans and expert work for ERISA cases involving complex assets including stable value, target date funds, hedge funds and private equity. 

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His 2015 book The Consultants and Plan Sponsors Guide to Stable Value is the first book published on the topic since 1998. 

He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Plan Sponsor, Forbes, Bloomberg, P&I, and Barron’s on 401(k) investments, and provided testimony and information to the DOL, SEC and GAO.

Stable Value Consultants in the last 5 years has done primarily expert litigation work in 401(k) ERISA cases on fees and risk with a specialty in Stable Value and other insurance products and target date funds.  A list of types of cases is below.

After the 2008 crash in 2009-10 SVC worked on seven separate Stable Value clients with 23 different stable value pools ranging in size from $100 million to $10 billion including stable value projects for two large public plans Texas and Maryland and several large Corporate plans and collective trusts.   

With his firm Stable Value Consultants (sometimes in partnerships with other firms), was involved in reviewing DC lineups for plans from $200 million to $10 billion.   Completed major corporate DC projects for one of the world’s largest major auto companies and a Stable Value Search for a large paper company

While at AEGON Transamerica 2001-2008 Tobe served as an officer of 7 different insurance companies and helped develop stable value products.  He worked directly with large synthetic stable value managers and large 401k and 457.  He has spoken at a number of SVIA conferences and national conferences such as IFEBP and NAGDCA on stable value.  He has served on a number of committees of the Stable Value Investment Association (SVIA) including a stint as the editor of Stable Times magazine

  • Consulting to Plaintiffs firm on ERISA class action case involving excessive fees in 401(k) plans with index annuities & target date funds.​​
  • Consulting to Plaintiffs firm on ERISA class action case involving excessive fees in 401(k) plans with general and separate account stable value.
  • Consulting to Plaintiffs firm on ERISA class action case involving using mispriced mislabeled MBS and Private Mortgages in a fraudulent manner​.
  • Consulted to large financial institution on StableValue vs. other large institution Case using mispriced mislabeled MBS and Private Mortgages​.
  • Consulted to Plaintiffs firm on ERISA class action case involving bundled Life Insurance 401(k) overcharging own employees​​.
  • Consulted to Plaintiffs firm on Class Action ERISA case involving bundled Life Insurance 401(k)​.
  • Consulted to Defendant Insurance Company in COLI/BOLI Case making case hedge funds were not insurable​.
  • Consulted to one Stable Value Fund manager on purchase sale agreement and arbitration surrounding it.
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